The Visitors is an four part series of Oil/AR paintings minted on SuperRare, set in a dark forest clearing with a pool in the centre. It tells the story of two aliens that appear in the forest each year, collecting samples and changing the environment with each visit. In the foreground the spirits of the forest observe these visits. 

The first Visitors animation was not only my first NFT but also the first animation I'd ever made. This series is an important and historic set of work for my portfolio. It took me 7 months to complete. There are 4 Oil Paintings, 4 animations, and one digital painting used to complete this series.

The Visitors

The spirits of the forest sensed something other-worldly approaching their realm. They normally come in pairs, once every one hundred years, to collect data and samples to take back to their home-planet. They are the Visitors... 

They came again, just like clockwork, they have been visiting for years. Illuminating the forest an eerie green. Each time they come, new alien creatures appear in the once peaceful forest. The spirits have become more restless, sending out mischievous imps to observe the event. Alien probes scan the area, collecting data, and also some sort of pipe appears, tainting the water.

Another century passes, and they return to see their progress. New alien plants and organisms appear in the forest mingling and overtaking the indigenous wildlife. The forest spirits energy dwindles as it succumbs to the invasive species. Another hundred years and the Visitors job will be done, the forest clearing may be small but that's all the space they need. Another hundred years, seems like a long time, but to these Visitors it is merely a grain of sand in an hourglass

A century has passed, so they return again. Little did they know this will be their last visit to this world. As the time passed since their first visit, the earthlings have evolved a significant rate. Human Intelligence soon caught onto these sightings and signs of alien life within this forest clearing, and mobilised it's agents to the area. The Visitors did not come unprepared for the fight though, sending down all the forces it could spare, and with alien creatures that have evolved from the habitat, the battle waged. As the aliens took the upper hand the humans used their last resort, a huge bomb to erase the clearing from existence. But the curious monkey on that strange black box had different plans... after finishing it's lunchtime snack, it pushed a button, too big and red to resist. Moments before the bomb could impact and vaporize the clearing, the hands of time reversed, bringing the unexpecting anthropoid back to the time of the first visit. Not being a fan of only doing something once, the simian pushed the button again, hurling it back into the future, bringing it into a perpetual loop.


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