Deathimself's "Infernos" are a set of three painting's depicting Hell. Inspired by Dante's Inferno, with a Hieronymus Bosch like twist.
These AR paintings take you through 3 stages of Hell; "The Gates of Hell", "The Portal Room" and "Lake of Fire"

Space Pyramids are an ongoing series of Augmented Reality Paintings, featuring a blend of Sci-Fi and Illuminati. Each painting shares similarities, such as the Pyramid with the watching eye, a road in each symbolising a connection to each piece, and an assortment of alien creature's.

The Visitors are a series of 4 Augmented Reality paintings telling a narrative of 2 Aliens that visit a forest clearing every 100 years. Visitors Part 1 was the first animated painting I ever created, making this series very special to me. Each piece not only tells a story, but shows an evolution in my art both digital and traditional.

These pieces are all stand alone paintings and animations. Each telling their own story in a single edition. Some even connect to other series I've done, such as "L'amour et la Mort" which contains a nod to my Inferno series.

OddBlobz are a collectible NFT project on the Ethereum Blockchain. Taking my imaginative creatures and turning them into collectible pixelart animations. Many of my OddBlobz creations can be spotted in my paintings and animations.


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