nferno I, II, III are a series of oil and AR paintings and NFTS portraying my depiction of Hell. This series of paintings will take you into 3 rooms of Hell, The Gates of Hell, or the entrance, The Portal Chamber; a room which decides your fate in the realm of Hell, and finally The Lake of Fire; the final destination. I have written a narrative to accompany these pieces which you may read below.

nferno I, we arrive at the entrance; fires are roaring around the skies yet all you see is a black abyss beneath you. As you reach the top of the arduous steps you see statues, seemingly possessed, sit on columns in-front of a glowing red doorway. Great beasts of Gods loom

overhead watching you expectantly. As you try to turn the heat intensifies blistering your flesh, and exciting your ominous spectators. The red glow beckons you, pulling you with an unknown force towards it. This is the only way, and only you truly know why.

nferno II, swirling portals of different colors line the grotesque walls, seemingly made from a mixture of blood and bones, pulsating as if the walls where living. In the center of this room is a fountain. Two snakes, with red liquid streaming from their mouths, are wrapped around a 

statue. The statue has the form of a voluptuous woman with the head of a devil-like creature. Strange beings sit around the room, watching your every move. There is a table covered with a red silken sheet, with grapes and golden dining-ware. Atop a golden cake-stand sits a beating heart, far too large to be the heart of any human. A butler with a rotating head approaches you with a glass of liquid that changes colors at random, he raises the gold dish to your face, and beckons you to drink this mysterious liquid... as you sip the liquid turns black, then the room turns black, 'til all there is is darkness.

nferno III, the heat is intense, your flesh feels as if its been melted off entirely, and the smell of sulfur and burning meat fills the air. The sound of something large and mechanical rumbles in your ears. As you regain your vision from the darkness, a gargantuan beast comes into view 

sat in a lake of lava. You feel yourself moving on some sort of conveyor belt, advancing towards the diabolical monster. There are flesh-less people in-front being devoured by the terrific beast as they reach the end of the belt, and as you look behind it seems the conveyor belt goes on forever with an endless line of doomed souls. Struck with fear you are unable to move, one by one by one, you are closer to your end. As the last person in-front of you is lifted into its great maws, you close your eyes, and do the only thing you can do, accept your fate. Up into the air you go, your body numb from fear and agonizing burns. Everything goes silent, and dark. Moments later you hear familiar sounds, as you open your eyes you see a chequered floored room with swirling portals of different colors....


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